7 Great Reasons to Choose a School – – NOT!

Every year, schools are chosen or rejected for ridiculous reasons…

Beware of these “great” reasons to choose a school…

Romance. Choose the school that’s the right fit for you, not because of someone special. If you both end up at a particular school, it’s because it’s the right fit for you both.

My Friends are Going There / No One I know is Going There. Friendships change dramatically. It’s easier to make friends than you think. Challenge yourself. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Beautiful People (or Lack Thereof). Yes, social life is important; but, you don’t want your college life to be short-lived. Plus, you’re idea of “hot” may evolve as you mature.

College Rankings. Just because a school is highly ranked, it doesn’t mean it’s a great fit for you. Be sure to really identify the right fit for you, or you may find misery at that prestigious institution.

It’ll make my Parents Happy. While we want the family to be happy with the choice, what matters most is that you like the school.

My Visit wasn’t the Greatest. Don’t reject a school because the weather was bad or the tour guide was an idiot. If it seems to be a good fit in every way, visit again, then trust your gut!

It’s too Big or too Small. Don’t discount small schools, as they often have vibrant cultures. Likewise, don’t discount large schools, as they may have options that can give you a “small school experience” in a big campus setting.

Our professional college planners help families find the right schools at the right prices based on academics, size, location, culture, and finances. Please contact us for assistance with your college planning campaign.

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