A Horrible Way to Fill the College Tuition Gap

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Can you identify the trap?

Which of the following options would best help you and your family cover your portion of the annual cost-of-attendance at your child’s school of choice?

  1. Student loans;
  2. Parent PLUS Loans; or,
  3. Home equity.Well… of course… it depends.

Unfortunately, after student loans have been maxed out, more often than not, parents assume that PLUS loans are the only choice.

That’s the trap!

PLUS loan payments start small, slowly pulling you in.

Manageable at the beginning, they grow quickly, becoming unmanageable.

Perhaps one of the most important facets of the solutions we propose to families is challenging the assumption that PLUS loans may be the only way.

PLUS loans are a recipe for disaster!

If PLUS loans are off the table, what should parents do?

Work with our Professional College Planners to design and implement a well-designed solution that incorporates and addresses college expenses, cash flow and liquidity, and retirement.









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