COFFE was created after more than a decade observing the lack of financial education provided throughout the country.  The culture created due to this failure in our education system is responsible for the majority of all bankruptcies, foreclosures, and failed marriages.

Lets face it, our understanding of finances is one of the highest survival skills we can be taught today and it’s not taught regularly in schools.  Moreover, d0 we take the time needed to teach our children these fundamental principles?  We believe that each of us must take full responsibility to build our own financial awareness.

COFFE was created to gather some of the most effective financial strategies and information and deliver this content to eager individuals across the country.  We are excited about your interest in your financial future and we look forward to your continued growth.


FFEC was created to provide our local communities with the very best financial education in a wide range of areas.  By recruiting highly qualified educators in these selected areas and staying firm on delivering this information in a non-sales approach, we are changing lives, one family at a time.


YFB is founded on the principles of Nelson Nash, creator of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), but is not associated with IBC or Nelson Nash.

The founder of Your Family Bank® is Edgar L. McLean, President of First Financial Education Centers, LLC (FFEC).  Mr. McLean has more than 29 years in the business, and is also founder and President of Church Legacy Ministries, Legacy Ministries of America, First Financial College Planning, First Financial Debt Relief, and The Mailing House.

FFEC and YFB have over 500 affiliated offices across the country and have helped thousands of people prepare for all aspects of their financial well being.

All YFB Agents must undergo rigorous IBC training and realize that our clients come first.  YFB was created to educate the population on the Infinite Banking Concept and, through the use of IBC, to change their lives.

YFB and FFEC are located at International Park At World Golf Village, Golfway Center, 405 Golfway West Drive, Suite 300, St. Augustine, FL 32095.