Applying Early Admission: A Good Strategic Move?


Though applying early admission seems tempting, don’t make the decision lightly.

Sure – – the application and admission stress might be over before the holidays; but, will it be a good strategic move for your student and family?

Before “blindly” making a decision or basing the choice purely on emotion, consider the following:

  1. Are course grades and ACT / SAT test scores completely satisfactory? If not, it may be advisable to use the fall to improve either or both.
  2. Has everything desired in a school been identified? If a school hasn’t truly been researched with more than a single visit or two, it may be better to take the time to discover what’s really needed and/or desired in a school.
  3. Will substantial financial aid be needed? It may be better for your student and family to be able to compare aid awards from multiple schools, thereby preserving the option to negotiate for more aid from the schools in which you’re most interested.

Early Decision is binding. You may only apply to a single school for early admission. If accepted, and the school provides a sufficient award package, you must attend.

Early Action is not binding. You may apply elsewhere and are not obligated to attend if accepted.

So… Will applying early boost chances of admission?

Although it shows the schools you are interested, many highly qualified and recruited students apply early, making the chances of early admission almost as competitive as the regular application process.

Shouldn’t you just “get it over with?”

Certainly, doing so may relieve some stress from the process. But, a much bigger payoff may await from taking the time to properly researching and applying to other schools. Especially, if your student ends up at the school which is truly the best one for him or her..

If your family has the financial means to cover most of the school’s cost-of-attendance and/or there really in no choice, as your student will be attending the school which the family has always attended, then utilizing the early admission process may be the most strategic decision for your family.

But, if circumstances are otherwise, your family may be better served by contacting our Professional College Planners to schedule the first meeting in your family’s college planning campaign.









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