Recruitment of the Student-Athlete

Athletic Scholarships

It’s important to start planning for eligibility during or prior to your freshman year in high school, as the NCAA requires you to take a certain amount of specific “core” classes. Further, your scores on the ACT or SAT must fit a sliding scale in relation to your “core” GPA, which, in addition to English and Math, also includes science, social science, etc.

Academic scholarships can be added to athletic scholarships (though the combination cannot exceed 100% of total cost attendance) at any level (except NCAA D3, where there are no athletic scholarships, making academic scholarships, even more important). However, not all schools will do so.

As you’ll see, there are a very limited number of athletic scholarships available. Doing well in the classroom can greatly increase the chances of funding a college education and, in many cases, increase the chances of playing a sport at a higher level.

Questions by Prospective Student Athletes

When will coaches be permitted unlimited calls to me?

At the following times: during the five days immediately before your official visit to that university; on the day of a coach’s off-campus contact with you; during the time beginning with the National Letter of Intent (NLI) signing date in your sport through the two days after the signing date; and, subsequent to the calendar date on which you sign the NLI

Can colleges send me anything prior to my junior year?

Only questionnaires and summer camp brochures

Who can call me on the phone? When? How often?

On or after July 1 after the completion of your junior year in high school, faculty members and coaches are permitted to call you, your parents or your legal guardians once a week. However, in the case of Division I Football, coaches may call you one time during the month of May in your junior year, and may not call you again until September 1 of your senior year. Boosters are NOT permitted to call.

Can I call coaches collect or toll-free? When?

Yes. They may receive calls on or after July 1 after you complete your junior year of high school

What can the school give me during an unofficial visit?

A maximum of 3 complimentary admissions to a campus athletic event which that school’s team is competing, issued through a pass list. Such complimentary admissions are for the exclusive use of the prospect and those persons accompanying him or her. They can be issued only on an individual game basis

Can I pay my own way to visit a college campus?

You may visit an institution’s campus at your own expense an unlimited number of times beginning before your senior year of high school and continuing into your senior year. This is considered an unofficial visit and will not count toward your 5 officials visits.

How many official visits am I allowed to take?

Each prospective student-athlete is limited to 5 official visits which may be taken following the opening day of classes of your senior year in high school. Currently, they may not be taken before then.

When is a college considered to be recruiting me?

If any coach or representative of the college’s athletics interests approaches you (or any member of your family) about enrolling and participating in athletics at that college.

Who can recruit me?

Only university coaches and staff. Alumni and friends of the university are NOT permitted to contact prospective student-athletes in any way.

What must the school have before I take an official visit?

The recruiting institution must already have a high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores on file.

What else does the Eligibility Center need to certify me?

After graduation and before school closes for the summer, your high school must send the Eligibility Center a copy of your final transcript that confirms graduation.

You must also have your ACT or SAT scores sent to the Eligibility Center directly from the testing agency. Either mark code 9999 as one of the institutions to receive your scores, or submit a request for an ‘Additional Score Report’ to the appropriate testing agency.

How do I register with the Eligibility Center?

Register online at

Where can my counselor get registration materials?

Free registration materials are available by calling the Eligibility Center at (877) 262-1492.

Questions Student-Athletes and Parents Should Ask Recruiters

How long does my scholarship last?

Does my scholarship include work study?

How many credit hours can I take per year with my scholarship?

For what reasons could I possibly lose my scholarship?

Can I have transportation on campus my freshman year?

How are roommates chosen?

Where will I live?

What are your tuition and room and board charges?

Does my scholarship include the cost of my books?

Are meals provided as part of my scholarship?

If I’m injured will I automatically lose my scholarship?

Will a fifth year be provided, if needed, with my scholarship so that I may graduate?

Can I take summer classes? Will they be covered by my scholarship?

How many players do you carry on the roster?

How many other players did you recruit at my position?

How many classes will I miss during the season?

How does the team travel?

What is your conditioning program like?

How many assistant coaches are there?

Is tutoring or study table time provided or required?

When does school start?

What G.P.A. is required for eligibility?

What equipment is provided by the university?

What time are practices and how often are they?

Will you help me find a place to play in the summertime?

What scores on SAT/ACT are required at your university?

What is paid on my visitations to your university?

Does your school offer assistance in locating internship opportunities?

Does your school offer assistance with job placement and resume building?