Athletic Scholarship Misconceptions

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Contrary to the prevailing beliefs of parents of today’s high school athletes, athletic scholarships are rare.

Even rarer – the “full ride” athletic scholarship…

Only the “head count” collegiate sports, found only in NCAA Division I, offer full rides. Only two men’s sports (football and basketball) offer such scholarships, while but four women’s sports (basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and tennis) offer them.

Every other Division 1 sport, every other NCAA Division (II and III), and the NAIA sports are equivalency sports. This means that a particular sport has only so many scholarships to divide among the participating athletes.

One of the biggest misconceptions – everyone gets a full ride.

So, parents…

Let’s clear up a few things…

Everyone on an athletic scholarship receives a full ride.

Absolutely untrue, as indicated above. You can check out the numbers on the Athletic Recruiting tab on our website.

Scholarships are only available for football, basketball, and baseball.

Again, untrue. Scholarships are available for just about any sport, from golf, to field hockey, to rowing. Weigh your options. You may receive more free money from a school with a large endowment where you won’t play a sport than you might playing for a school with less money for aid.

It must be Division I or nothing at all.

While Division I schools are the most well-known, there are many superb programs at the other levels. If you really want to play in college, go to a school where you know you’ll have the opportunity to play. Even if you make a DI team, you may not play at all during your four years in school.

Good grades aren’t needed for a college scholarship.

Absolutely false. A letter of intent frequently stipulates a minimum GPA must be maintained. Moreover, why would a college coach recruit a player who may not succeed academically? If a player can’t perform well academically at the high school level no matter how athletically gifted, a coach typically won’t award a scholarship to a player who might lose eligibility. After all, his job depends on the recruit’s success, both in the sport and in the classroom.

So, mom and dad… WHAT IS YOUR PLAN B?

Contact our Professional College Planners for assistance in designing and implementing your Plan B.

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