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Student Loan Debt and Your Retirement

Student loan debt continues to rise, nearing $1.6 Trillion, forcing Americans to delay saving for retirement. According to research conducted by the MIT AgeLab and published by the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund (“TIAA”), 84 percent of Americans report that student loan debt negatively impacted their ability to save for […]


Student Loan Debt – A Taboo Topic

For most Americans, religion and politics are taboo when it comes to topics of conversation.  Likewise, it seems, is the subject of student debt.  So much so that Americans may dive into the formerly taboo topics referenced above. According to a Harris Poll of more than 1,000 adults, the topic of student loan debt is […]


“Surprise” Study Findings: Concerns about Cost Means Parents & Students Should Start Planning Earlier

It’s not really a surprise.  Almost without exception, every student and family engaging our services regret not beginning their college planning campaigns much earlier than they did.  They all wish they’d spent more time.   A national survey for Citizens Financial Group (“Citizens Survey”) showed that 63 percent of parents and 60 percent of students […]


College Savings and the Market

Just a short time ago, tuition bills arrived hand-in-hand with nightmare producing, stomach-churning market volatility. For those with college funds in financial vehicles subject to market ups-and-downs, it may be too late to act, especially if you need to pay the bill. If payment is not yet due, then it’s a sit and hope scenario. […]