College Differs from High School…Really??

Unless you’ve spent a weekend on campus with an older sibling, it may be quite difficult to picture how life on campus differs from life in high school. The difference that supersedes all others? You’re in charge. You’re in charge of your time, your classwork, your studies, your social life, your living quarters, your money, […]

Should You Engage the Services of a Professional College Planner?

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Students and their families have a huge decision to make when it comes to their college planning campaign. Most college-bound students, while highly qualified, aren’t number one in their class, aren’t top athletes, and aren’t considered financially needy. In short, they’re from the average family. The average family faces an increasingly complex undergraduate admissions process, […]

A Few, Important, College Planning Do’s and Don’ts

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Just as all parents planning for the expense of a college education focus on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) rules surrounding the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), small business owners should pay particularly close attention. The higher the EFC, the more a family will pay. Don’t Save in A Student’s Name Assets in […]

Capturing Brilliance…with Your Application Essay

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What is your essay about? It’s not about grades, scores, achievements…it’s about YOU!!! Schools search for curious, articulate people who can think and write both coherently and intelligently. More than 60% of schools don’t require an essay; at others, a well-written essay is a must! Regardless of the essay topic, the real topic is you. […]

Many Schools; One Application


A single application accepted by any schools… Sounds easy, right? Alas, there is much more to it than plowing through a form online and clicking the “submit” button… So…here are some tips for using well-known application services… The Common Application. Accepted by over 600 schools, it is the oldest and most well-know of the application […]

Slavery by Debt – School Loans and More…

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An infamous document, the “Hazard Circular,” American and British banking interests discussed the advantages of debt slavery over physical slavery. These interests favored the former, as the latter came with costs (e.g., housing, food, medical care, etc.). A “free” people housed and fed themselves. And, a “free” people could be kept enslaved by debt, through […]

5 Common Myths about Financial Aid

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Now that many public colleges and universities have an annual cost-of-attendance exceeding $25,000 and a few private institutions have exceeded a $70,000 annual cost-of-attendance, financial aid has become an essential element of a family’s college planning campaign. Don’t rely on anecdotal information; get the facts! Consider the following five myths: My child won’t qualify for […]