True or False: Saving for College = Less Financial Aid

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Typically, that’s true. Unless you know the rules of the game… The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) focuses on income and assets, primarily income. The FAFSA will assess income at 22%-47%, while assessing assets at roughly 5.6%. Sure, for every dollar you save, you might lose 5.6% in financial aid. But, how many […]

Student Loans Prevent Saving for Retirement

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By the time the average American reaches retirement age, they have saved roughly $60,000 for retirement. During the working years, Americans are racking up and servicing debt – mortgages, auto loans, credit card balances, medical bills, and decades in school loans. While Social Security figures to provide a monthly income, even when coupled with the […]

College Expenses Financial Aid Won’t Cover

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The right school has been identified, the decision made… You know what the costs will be and you’ve got them covered… Unfortunately, you may need to reconsider… Surprisingly (yeah, sure…), while schools provide the projected cost-of-attendance for the year, those estimates can be rather inaccurate. Especially for those living off campus or out-of-state. What do […]

No Idea How to Save for College?

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Is the thought of paying all, or a portion, of the cost of a college education stressing you out? Are you paralyzed with fear because you have no idea how much to save, let alone how to save? Did you know that parents underestimate the sticker price of a 4-year degree by an average of […]

Ways to Pay Off School Loans Ahead of Schedule

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Of course, anyone with school debt would like to eliminate that burden at the earliest opportunity. And, for many students, the battle to repay those school loans is akin to Sisyphus pushing his boulder. Roughly 44.7 million Americans are servicing almost $1.5 trillion in school debt…an amount that seems to increase exponentially. While the ability […]

7 Great Reasons to Choose a School – – NOT!

Every year, schools are chosen or rejected for ridiculous reasons… Beware of these “great” reasons to choose a school… Romance. Choose the school that’s the right fit for you, not because of someone special. If you both end up at a particular school, it’s because it’s the right fit for you both. My Friends are […]

Choosing the Right School for the Student and Family

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As high school seniors approach graduation, families face two critical decisions – choosing the right school and determining how to pay for it. Some schools are chosen based on “sticker price;” however, that choice usually doesn’t result in the right school or the least expensive school. Others are chosen based on location or family expectations; […]