High School GPA may be the Greatest Predictor of Collegiate Success


According to a recent study published in the Educational Researcher, high school GPAs are five times stronger than ACT scores at predicting collegiate success.  Further, the study revealed that the predictive power remains consistent across high schools.  Moreover, while the relationship between ACT scores and collegiate success depends on the high school attended, at times […]

529 Plans and Roth IRAs aren’t the Answer

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When it comes to saving money for the expense of a college education, “conventional wisdom” espoused by Wall Street, financial advisors, and the mass media drive parents toward 529 plans and Roth IRAs.  After all, 529 plans have the best “odds of having the most money when you need it.”  Never mind the fact that […]

Don’t Base Your College Search on Sticker Price…

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We have found that both parents and students immediately will eliminate a possible school based solely on “sticker price” – the cost of attendance published by the particular institution.  And, while the 4-year cost of an education, ranging from $92,000 – $300,000 or more (depending on the institution), represents perhaps the largest lifetime investment parents […]

Key Points to Consider When Saving for College

Late this past summer, earlier this fall, millions of students made it back to their college or university of choice; others made it, but maybe not to the school of their choice.  Millions of parents hope their younger children might one day do the same. Most, if not all of those families, might be thinking […]

Co-Signing a Loan and Your Finances


When it comes to federal student loans, the loans that are included in the award of financial aid, a co-signer is unnecessary.  Parent PLUS loans can be taken to help your child cover the cost of their education.  These loans, taken in your name, definitely obligate you to repayment. Unfortunately, there are times when a […]

Student Loan Mistakes Most People Make


Student loans are par for the course for most attendees.  In fact, due to the projected expense of an undergraduate education, they likely had no choice but to borrow.  And, according to studies/surveys, they borrowed more than necessary due to one or more of the following strategic errors… Borrowed more than necessary.  Studies suggest that […]

Parents Report: Saving for College is not Easy

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With tuition costs soaring ever higher, parents have discovered that saving for a college education is tough, much tougher than expected.  According to a recent Student Loan Hero survey, less than one-third of parents believe they’ll be able to cover the cost.  The vast majority of those polled are finding it tough and more than […]