College Website Goldmining

Much can be accomplished via a college website visit. You can take a virtual tour, explore the social scene, learn about the professors, and even read the student paper. Where do you begin? Admissions. Schedule a visit or take a virtual tour. Check out the calendar of events and, if possible, attend an information session […]

Factors Impacting the College Experience

While cost, location, size, weather, academics (not necessarily in that order!!) are obvious factors to consider, others are not so obvious. It’s the not-so-obvious factors that may have an incredibly profound impact on the college experience… Class Availability. How easy is it to schedule the classes you need? If you can’t register for them when […]

Athletic Scholarship Misconceptions

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Contrary to the prevailing beliefs of parents of today’s high school athletes, athletic scholarships are rare. Even rarer – the “full ride” athletic scholarship… Only the “head count” collegiate sports, found only in NCAA Division I, offer full rides. Only two men’s sports (football and basketball) offer such scholarships, while but four women’s sports (basketball, […]

College Planning Jobs for Parents

When it comes to planning for and getting into college, parents naturally want to help. Unfortunately, many parents have no idea how to help. The landscape’s completely different than it used to be (20-30 years ago!), confusing, bewildering, even more than a bit overwhelming! Now, while getting into college is the student’s job, there are […]

Is ED Right for you?


Yes, I mean Early Decision… Sure… it can cut down on the wait, relieving the pressure associated with the college admissions process. And, you’ll know your fate before winter break. What are the trade-offs? Do you have a better chance of being accepted? Do you really want to be “stuck” attending that school if a […]

The Dreaded EFC…

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Most parents we see have no idea what an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is or how it impacts the financial aid for which they qualify. Once they see what it means, which typically occurs soon after they meet us, they’re even more depressed!! And, after they’ve engaged our services and we’ve begun helping them learn […]

A Parent’s Dilemma: College for the Kids v. My Retirement?


If they haven’t buried their head in the sand (an occurrence I see more-and-more often), ignoring the college funding question altogether, most parents face this dilemma at some point in their lives – – Do we pay (or help pay) for our kids’ education or do we protect and preserve a comfortable, affordable retirement for […]