Nearly 70% of Families Worry about Paying for College

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With nearly all Americans suffering some form of financial strain, families of college-bound students suffer even greater stress… How will they now pay for school? Due to consequences arising out of the Pandemic of 2020, almost 70% of families now worry about covering their portion of the cost-of-attendance. According to a survey by Discover, 53% […]

College Plans Change Due to Covid-19

Life is decidedly different these days…as is the foreseeable future.  According to a survey by Junior Achievement and the PMI Educational Foundation, 49% of the Class of 2020 have changed their plans.  Of the 49%, 36% say they will now work, 32% will delay enrollment, and 16% have changed prospective career paths. Plan changes likely […]

Financial Advisors Rarely Address College Savings


Research by Morningstar earlier this year suggests that many financial advisors overlook saving for college for a variety of reasons.  The research further suggests, as a result of this failure to address saving for college, clients with school-aged children likely are making decisions with highly negative ramifications. When queried, a sample of 379 clients of […]

10 Conventional Ways to Pay for College…

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What follows are ten conventional ideas about paying for school. These ideas are propagated by Wall Street, financial advisors, and the media day-in-and-day-out until you are conditioned to believe they are your only options. Following those ideas, I’ll mention the one that truly works, the one we use for the benefit of our client families.  […]

The Burgeoning Financial Aid Gap

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Parents, students, families suffered economically during the Covid-19 worldwide freak-out.  Not only did they suffer from the downturn, so did colleges and universities. Financial aid gaps that existed before the Pandemic of 2020 will be even greater now and for the foreseeable future. Schools with small endowments, schools that offer lesser amounts of free money […]

The Parent Portion of the College Education Expense

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The expense of a college education rivals, and often surpasses, that of a residential mortgage, especially if the cost involves more than one child.  Yes, costs are steep, and with 43% or more of the cost covered by the family (according to Sallie Mae), parents tend to be the principal source of college funds. According […]

Billions in Unclaimed Financial Aid


Due to the “Pandemic of 2020,” and the drastic market downturn, furloughed workers, and record numbers of unemployed Americans, a high percentage of families lack confidence in their ability to cover their portion of the annual cost-of-attendance at their schools of choice. According to a poll of 6,500-plus high school seniors and their families, […]