Evaluating a Financial Aid Offer

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Though most families don’t realize it, especially those whose first or only child is now beginning the undergraduate journey, the Financial Aid Award Letter can be highly misleading. The award letter is merely an offer; not all aid listed will be awarded. Rather, the letter lists the aid for which you qualify. It’s up to […]

College Savings and the Market


Just a short time ago, tuition bills arrived hand-in-hand with nightmare producing, stomach-churning market volatility. For those with college funds in financial vehicles subject to market ups-and-downs, it may be too late to act, especially if you need to pay the bill. If payment is not yet due, then it’s a sit and hope scenario. […]

6 Conventional Ways to Pay for School

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Whether you’re a high school senior beginning the “freak-out, how to pay” phase of your college planning campaign, a high school student on whom the upcoming, unbelievable expense is beginning to dawn, or the parent of a college-bound student of any age facing yet another addition to the ungodly amount of debt you currently manage, […]



Most families of college-bound students, regardless of when they address the topic of a college education, find the prospect of paying for the education both confusing and daunting. Especially so when the family doesn’t realize there are services such as ours ready and able to assist and provide peace of mind. For most families, confronting […]

How Today’s Typical Family Pays for College


The way families pay for school truly indicates the depth of their planning… Ironically, according to a Sallie Mae study, while families feel confident in their planning, nearly 40 percent have no plan in place. Talk about rainbows and unicorns!! According to Sallie Mae and Ipsos, an independent global market research company, the cost is […]

Senior Citizens, School Debt, and Retirement

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More seniors than ever before enter retirement with school debt. The cost of an education can last a lifetime. More than 2.8 million Americans over age 60 service some amount of school debt. In 2018, in just fourteen years, school debt held by Americans over age 50 increased from $36 billion to more than $260 […]

Start Saving for College Today

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So… When’s the best time to start saving for the cost of your child’s college education? The correct response is… NOW!!! Anecdotally, we like to say at conception (perhaps, even prior to that). Absent a properly designed college funding campaign, a family can be rudely shocked at what awaits. As the cost rises, students (and […]