The Parent Portion of the College Education Expense

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The expense of a college education rivals, and often surpasses, that of a residential mortgage, especially if the cost involves more than one child.  Yes, costs are steep, and with 43% or more of the cost covered by the family (according to Sallie Mae), parents tend to be the principal source of college funds. According […]

How Many Colleges and Universities Will Close in the Next Decade?


“Now that’s an interesting question,” you’ll say, “coming from a professional college planner.” It most definitely is an interesting question, but it is one that parents and students should factor into their college planning campaigns. At one point in the not-too-distant-past, a Harvard Business School Professor, Clayton Christensen, predicted that 50% of colleges and universities […]

Marriage and Student Debt


What’s the main cause for divorce here in the USA?  Why, marriage, of course!! All kidding aside, the majority of marriage failure is tied to one factor – finances.  Specifically, the stress tied to a couple’s/family’s financial well-being.  Marriage means learning to handle money as a team.  And, as many men have learned, it means […]

Athletic Scholarships: Myths and Misconceptions

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Athletic scholarships are rare.  “Full Rides” even more so. Regardless of beliefs/misconceptions held by parents, even by the students themselves, only 4%-5% of high school athletes will ever play a sport in college.  Of those that play for their school, only D1 athletes will receive a “full ride” and those rides are limited to 6 […]

Do Rich Students Get More Financial Aid?

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While every school has its own financial aid formula and offers aid based on a family’s estimated financial need, schools now tend to dole out more aid based on accomplishment.  A recent report suggests that schools spend more to attract wealthier students. According to a 2019 National Center for Education Statistics report, students in the […]

The Benefits of Borrowing for College

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With the media focused on an “alleged” student loan crisis, parents and students fear student loans.  This fear, however, may be somewhat misplaced.  The crisis typically affects those: who have failed to obtain a degree, who continue on into graduate or professional schools, and who have taken on the burden for those who either have […]

College Planning in a Pandemic???


Now that we’re tucked into our houses, apartments, or places of abode, either through quarantine or “stay-in-place” orders, enjoying the benefits of social distancing and at-home children, college planning likely occupies a lower position on the “honey-do” list than it once did.  Makes sense.   When considering the worldwide threat to our very existence and the […]