Start Saving for College Today

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So… When’s the best time to start saving for the cost of your child’s college education? The correct response is… NOW!!! Anecdotally, we like to say at conception (perhaps, even prior to that). Absent a properly designed college funding campaign, a family can be rudely shocked at what awaits. As the cost rises, students (and […]

Facing Retirement with Student Loans

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More than $18.2 billion in student loan debt is held by Americans aged 65 and older. As baby boomers continue to retire by the thousands, that number will continue to rise. Those in retirement with school debt and those approaching retirement with school debt likely did not borrow the money for their own education. Rather, […]

Start Saving before the Birth of Your Child

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Back in the day, the purchase of a home was the largest expense parents faced. If you have one child, that may still be the case. More than one? Not so much. Since it’s likely the expense of an undergraduate education will be the single greatest expense borne by parents, when should they begin to […]

Odds of a Full Ride: Parental Reality check

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As college admissions inch closer with the speed of an incoming ballistic missile, parents dream of the full-ride scholarships for their gifted student, whether the gifts be academic, athletic, or both. I’ve heard it from parent after parent – “I don’t need to save.” Their student’s gifts will pay off, there’ll be large sums of […]

Early Decision and Financial Aid


While the odds of acceptance greatly improve, the price may be reduced financial aid. According to a National Association for College Admission Counseling report (2017), schools that offered Early Decision (ED) accepted nearly 60% of 2016 ED applicants. Many of those schools are private colleges. Under ED, a student commits to their first choice school […]

Getting Real about College Funding

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Anywhere you look, you can find advice about saving for college. And, if you’re trying to save for the full sticker price, not only is that advice depressing as hell, it also may be entirely inaccurate for your situation. This – by far – is not the proper strategy. You’ll see a ton of information […]

College Funding & Life Insurance

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With the current bull market roaring ahead, it’s vitally important to protect yourself from loss while your assets continue to grow. Seems intuitive, but difficult to implement without the proper financial tool. According to the Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, more than half of the respondents to their 2018 Life Insurance Needs Survey […]