Athletic Scholarships

It is important to start planning for eligibility during or prior to your freshman year in high school, as the NCAA requires you to take a certain amount of specific “core” classes. Further, your scores on the ACT or SAT must fit a sliding scale in relation to your “core” GPA, which, in addition to […]

The Joy of Aid!

There is quite a large sum of financial aid available. At today’s prices, almost every family qualifies for some sort of assistance. Many parents don’t believe that a family that: makes over $90,000 per year; owns their own home; and, holds substantial assets could possible receive financial aid. These days, that family, provided it’s represented […]

Why You Should Re-Think a 529 Plan…

While the February 28, 2016 article in Forbes provides great information about 529 Plans: “Here’s what I don’t like about 529 Plans: (1) lack of flexibility; (2) fees (often 2% or more per year); and, (3) impact on financial aid (5.6% or more for every dollar in the parents’ name exceeding the asset protection allowance.” […]

How Much Should We Save Every Month?

Any traditional, conventional long-term plan is more of an educated guess than an exact prediction. There are so many unknown factors – – How much will college cost in 10 years? Or, 15 years? What will inflation average over the next decade? Will stocks continue to be the best long-term investment (not so sure about […]

It’s Important to Start Saving…

Many parents are so traumatized by the projected cost of a 4-year college education that they do absolutely nothing. The important thing is to begin saving something as early as possible, as regularly as possible. It doesn’t matter if you can’t contribute large amounts. The earlier you start, the longer the investments have to work […]

Why Bother to Save at All?

Unfortunately, a significant slice of financial aid packages come in the form of loans. You have the choice of saving now and earning interest or borrowing later and paying interest. Earning interest is much more enjoyable! “Money in the bank” provides options.   A college fund, even a small one, provides control over your own […]

New College Loans Target Parents…

According to the latest college loan revelation, Squeeze the Parents: New Student Loan Goes Straight to Mom and Dad, in the Wall Street Journal: “As the cost of college climbs, private student lenders are rolling out loans targeted to parents. As rising tuition costs pile ever-higher debts on students, lenders and colleges are pushing for […]