The PLUS Loan Problem…

PLUS loans are a huge problem for families. They’re readily available, easy to get, and the payments are manageable…at first. But then years 2, 3, and/or 4 come screaming at you. That’s when it becomes obvious payments are spiraling out of control.   According to a US News Article, a $20,000 loan for freshman year […]

Explosion of Student Debt: A Drag on the Nation?

Total student debt in this country hovers near the staggering $1.3 trillion mark. Surprisingly (well…maybe not so surprisingly, considering the logic typically employed by our government…), the government believes this overwhelming amount of student debt to be a good thing (really…I can’t make this stuff up!). According to a July 19, 2016 article in Business […]

New Study: “Parents Sacrifice for Kids College Costs”

Do parents have to give up on their current retirement plans in order to send their kids to college? According to September 1, 2015 study by T. Rowe Price, many parents believe they do.  And, most of the financial services industry believes so, too.   57%: The percentage of parents who said that paying for […]

Parents Spend 16% More on College…


A 2014-2015 Sallie Mae report indicated that families shelled out 16% more for college than they did the year before.  In fact, families spent $24,164 to cover college costs during the 2014-2015 school year, compared to $20,882 the year before. It’s the first time in 5 years that families have increased college spending year-over-year.  Why […]

Financial Aid Officer: Your Ally?

It’s the job of the Financial Aid Officer (FAO) to make you pay as much as possible to send your child to his or her institution. In doing so, the FAO will be much more invasive than the IRS ever is, demanding not just your financial data, but intimate details of your personal life, such […]



Time is money! 38 Minutes – The average length of time a high school guidance counselor is able to spend with a student discussing college-specific items. 476:1 – The national average ratio of high school students to guidance counselors. $1 Trillion+ – The amount of student debt, having eclipsed credit card debt for the 1st […]

College Debt Survey Will SHOCK You!

Here’s what respondents to a college debt survey said when asked what they would do in order to have a plan in place to pay off debt: 57.89% Would give up all social media for life… 57.11% Would give up coffee for life… 56.73% Would take a punch from Mike Tyson (ouch!!)… 56.14% Would abstain […]