Time is money! 38 Minutes – The average length of time a high school guidance counselor is able to spend with a student discussing college-specific items. 476:1 – The national average ratio of high school students to guidance counselors. $1 Trillion+ – The amount of student debt, having eclipsed credit card debt for the 1st […]

College Debt Survey Will SHOCK You!

Here’s what respondents to a college debt survey said when asked what they would do in order to have a plan in place to pay off debt: 57.89% Would give up all social media for life… 57.11% Would give up coffee for life… 56.73% Would take a punch from Mike Tyson (ouch!!)… 56.14% Would abstain […]

Practical Reasons for a College Education

Years ago, it was possible to find a decent paying job even if you possessed only a high school diploma.  However, technological progress, the complexity of modern life, the skills needed to support it, and the importance placed on higher education by employers have made a college degree almost a necessity. According to some studies, […]

What do We Stand for?

Knowing what we stand for as college planning advisors is truly very important.  Likewise, knowing what we stand against is just as important. Stand For: guarantees in savings and investments; challenging 529 status quo and excessive college debt; planning ahead; personal responsibility; and, valuing the best education money can buy. Stand Against: unnecessary financial risk; […]

Welcome to CPS!

As we guide our clients through the maze of college planning decisions facing them each day, we offer: Long-range planning services for families with students in 1st– 9th grade, and Late-stage planning services for families with students (e.g., sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who are attending college in the near future – these are families in “crisis-planning […]