Student Debt is Leveling Off??

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With millions in default and graduates facing debt repayment that will limit home purchases and delay the start of families, the data suggest the average student’s debt is plateauing… While that may be true for the average student, it’s not true for many parents. As most students have borrowed as much permitted under the federal […]

The Ever-Increasing School Debt Burden

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The amount owed on school debt by more than 44 million American borrowers recently exceeded $1.5 trillion. And, with most universities raising the annual cost of an education by 3%-8% for the upcoming academic year, students and families will be borrowing an even greater amount to cover that cost. Added to the mix is a […]

School Debt and the AARP

The AARP has taken an interest in student loan issues over the past few years. Why would an organization focused on retirement be worried about the student loan crisis? Well… Over $18.2 Billion in school debt is held by individuals aged 60 and up and roughly 200,000 seniors have had or are having their Social […]

How Much Will Higher Education Cost Your Family?

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As long as the annual cost-of-attendance governs the college choices of students and their families, families will rely on the award letter indicating the financial aid available to them. Families need clarity in the financial aid award letters they receive. Unfortunately, whether intentionally or unintentionally, those letters can be rather murky indeed. Financial aid can […]

Strategies for Eliminating Outrageous School Debt


A report from the Brookings Institute shows that a trend is developing among Millennial debt holders: They’re taking longer to repay loans, if they’re repaying them at all. Paying off debt is tough enough these days; but, it’s the interest incurred that’s the killer! Minimizing the total interest paid on school debt while paying off […]

The Millennial Choice: Buy a Home or Pay off Debt

It’s a tough decision. Doing both may seem impossible. Roughly 25% of millennials hold student debt. Those with a 4-year degree hold an average debt of $25,000; other hold more, sometimes more than $100,000. This level of financial stress effectively blocks home ownership, denying them the long-term stability leading to wealth creation. While studies prove […]

True or False: Saving for College = Less Financial Aid

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Typically, that’s true. Unless you know the rules of the game… The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) focuses on income and assets, primarily income. The FAFSA will assess income at 22%-47%, while assessing assets at roughly 5.6%. Sure, for every dollar you save, you might lose 5.6% in financial aid. But, how many […]