Capturing Brilliance…with Your Application Essay

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What is your essay about?

It’s not about grades, scores, achievements…it’s about


Schools search for curious, articulate people who can think and write both coherently and intelligently.

More than 60% of schools don’t require an essay; at others, a well-written essay is a must!

Regardless of the essay topic, the real topic is you.

Your readers want a glimpse into your life, your personality, your thought process, your humor. They want to know if you can learn from your experiences.

So, here are a few basic guidelines to follow in developing a strong essay…

Analyze the essay question, carefully noting any and all requirements, especially word counts. Follow instructions verbatim.

Don’t delay; procrastination usually worsens the experience. Talk through your topic, recording your thoughts.

Demonstrate thoughtfulness. You might consider writing about not-so-successful situations where you learned about yourself.

Treat your essay like you were writing a story. Develop a strong story line through outlining your essay.

Bring to life the person revealed by your grades, scores, recommendations, and extracurriculars.

Ask trusted people to review your essay; but, don’t let them change your style or what you’re conveying. Be sure it’s coherent and grammatically correct.

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