College Differs from High School…Really??

Unless you’ve spent a weekend on campus with an older sibling, it may be quite difficult to picture how life on campus differs from life in high school.

The difference that supersedes all others?

You’re in charge.

You’re in charge of your time, your classwork, your studies, your social life, your living quarters, your money, and your mood. Unlike high school, there really is no safety net.

One of the biggest challenges – the more than ample free time at your disposal (unless you’re an athlete, but that’s another story). You might schedule 2-3 classes one day, 0-1 the next. While kicking back and entertaining yourself might be quite tempting, you’ll need to wisely allocate your time.

Guess what? Information isn’t crammed down your throat. You’re responsible for learning the material, even the data not covered in class. You’ll be expected to participate and you may even be graded on attendance.

College exams are infrequent and much tougher. Cramming won’t save the day! You’’ be expected to display mastery of content; luck guesses are few and far between.

New friends, multiple parties, no bed checks…ample opportunity for way too much fun. Successful students learn to balance school with fun, focusing on schoolwork.

You likely will be sharing a room with one or more strangers. Be sure you know how to negotiate, from lights out to what’s considered neat. While a roommate may never become your best friend, they can expand your horizons (e.g., culture, academics, recreation, etc.).

Rough patches in college are to be expected. Changes may need to be made. It may take a few months to acclimate to your new-found independence. And when you acclimate, you’ll likely find college an immensely rewarding experience.



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