College List Considerations

What do you want in a school? How far from home will you look? How big is too big? What field(s) of study interest you? Are you a student-athlete wanting to compete at a higher level?

You’ll find a number of appealing schools based on your desires in a school. But, that list will change as you discover more about the schools – and yourself.

Academic goals should be your first priority. Focus on schools with your chosen field of study, as you should know where your strengths and weaknesses lie (assessment methods are available through our packages). Likely, you’ll find a variety of schools meeting your academic goals.

Following your academic goals, identify additional needs in a school in order of importance – location, size, culture, sports, cost (though, if you’ve followed our blog, you know that you should not focus on “sticker price.”).

If you have no strong preferences, pick three features that attract you. As you research schools, certain features and difference may become quite important.

The goal for your first list is to identify 20 potential schools to research further. If needed, broaden your search.

Focus on the next highest priority in a school to increase the number of potential schools. Then, identify the schools most closely meeting your academic requirements.

Continue narrowing the list, concentrate on learning more about those schools most attractive to you, and you’ll identify the schools making your application list.

Regardless of results, do not be afraid to modify your search as you change your mind about what you find most appealing in a school.

For assistance in identifying the best schools for your child offering the greatest amount of free money, contact our Professional College Planners to schedule your appointment.

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