College Plans Change Due to Covid-19

Life is decidedly different these days…as is the foreseeable future. 

According to a survey by Junior Achievement and the PMI Educational Foundation, 49% of the Class of 2020 have changed their plans.  Of the 49%, 36% say they will now work, 32% will delay enrollment, and 16% have changed prospective career paths.

Plan changes likely are due to drastically different financial circumstances.  The market downturn not only impacted college savings, it also forced many families to use college savings for survival purposes.

Not only did family and student circumstances change, schools’ plans changed as well.

More than 65% of higher-education institutions plan on an on-campus experience, 8% plan on an online experience, and 12% are considering a hybrid model.  The remaining institutions are in limbo.

Everything for everybody resides in a state of chaos and confusion.

We can help you and your students sort this out and develop a college planning campaign for the foreseeable future.