College Rankings: What Matters Most?

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How important are college rankings?

Is the “best” school really the best one for your child?

Adding one or more of the higher ranked schools to the list of possible schools may seem an obvious move, but ranking should support determinations, not supplant them.

It takes quite a bit of effort to identify schools that will fit and the annual national school rankings provides an “easy way out.”

But, shouldn’t you wonder what led to the rankings, what qualities are valued and how they are measured?

Doesn’t a ranking assume certain qualities are more important than others (e.g., academic strength, student life)?

Don’t some rankings rely on subjective input (e.g., opinions of students, professors, and/or others) while others rely on objective data (e.g., graduation rates, size of endowments)?

Rankings can be helpful if they address what you look for in a school or if they introduce you to qualities you may not have considered.


What ranking matters most?

The most meaningful ranking is the one based on qualities you deem most important, the qualities that make a school the best fit for you!

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