Creating Your College Admissions Résumé


Whether it be for schools or scholarships, an effective résumé can be of great benefit to you in the application process.

Now, schools don’t want a laundry list of achievement. Rather, they want a highlight of accomplishments.

How can an effective resume help you?

It will help you become more efficient in completing applications, ensuring items of importance are not forgotten.

It will remind the teachers you’ve asked for recommendations of your high school accomplishments.

It can help guide conversation during a college admissions interview.

It can be adapted for interviews, whether for work or for internships.

So, where do you start?

Set aside time to consider your high school accomplishments, listing all awards, leadership roles, community service, special talents or hobbies, jobs, projects you led, etc. Include experiences demonstrating determination, initiative, and passion. Don’t leave anything out.

What should you include in the “final” version?

Don’t include GPA or test scores, as they’ll be on your transcript.

Include your most impressive accomplishments: high achievements and honors; major leadership roles and initiatives; unusual, but impressive activities, experiences, and skills that few may have; work experience, if it required a significant amount of time outside school; and, special circumstances that may have prevented extracurricular participation.

How should it be organized?

The header should include your full name, address, phone number, and high school.

It should be easy to scan and no more than two pages. Categories should include: activities and work; honors and awards; and, other experiences and skills.

A second version of your resume to be used for scholarship applications should include your GPA (both weighted and unweighted) and your standardized test scores.

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