Delaying Retirement Due to School Debt


School debt in retirement?

Yep, it’s trending that way.

It’s not your school debt, as you paid that off years ago. Rather, it’s the debt you incurred on behalf of your children.

You thought they would take over payments once they were gainfully employed.

Their employment, however, doesn’t pay what it should or what was expected.

Now, you’ve realized that you will be responsible for that debt.

That means you’ll be working well into your retirement years just to pay that off.

You’ve been sucked into a black hole of financial despair…

In 2016, an average parent owed about $32,000 on loans to help pay for their child’s education.

According to, that’s nearly $3,000 more than what the average student owed.

It’s getting worse…

Although students take out more loans, as the amount they can borrow is capped, parents take out more money. Parents have no cap.

If this is now or will become your reality, what’s your plan to handle that debt?

If you’d like to learn how to handle that debt, leveraging your savings and income so that your debts are satisfied and you can retire on or near the date you expect to retire, we are waiting to hear from you.


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