Gain an Edge with Extracurriculars!


Do extracurriculars boost your admissions application?


They show commitment, talent, and curiosity. More than just a number or a body, your commitments color who you are, making you a person the school may want to admit.

What’s an “extracurricular?”

It’s an activity in which you regularly participate outside of the classroom. Whether it’s on campus (e.g., high school athletics, music, clubs, government, etc.) or off (e.g., scouts, charities, part-time employment, etc.), your involvement and the role you play is important to the schools in which you are interested.

Choose activities of interest to you; but, don’t pad you resume. Schools easily can identify a “padding” applicant. Committing to a few endeavors is much more impressive than listing a plethora for which you really don’t have time.

Find a balance between your studies and your extracurriculars. A successful combination shows you’re ready for the rigors of college life.

Academic performance remains one of the most important factors when considering your application. Yet, only academics renders you a very boring applicant.

Follow your interests, demonstrate that you know your limits, and manage your time wisely.

That’s impressive!

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