It’s Time to Start College Applications


Now you’re a high school senior.


Completing those college applications is just another task in an already overwhelming schedule…

An application is designed to help you showcase who you are beyond test scores and grades; it’s designed to help you enlighten your schools of interest, amplifying the reasons they should want to admit you.

Thankfully, schools request practically the same information…

The applications request general facts about you (e.g., name, address, SSN, test scores, etc.)…

The want to know who you are (e.g., through a personal essay, list of extracurriculars and achievements, work experience)…

Don’t attack an application immediately, review each portion thoroughly, and note instructions and deadlines

Complete everything; leaving a space blank may delay the admission decision.

If you have a question, ask for help. An admission counselor, a teacher, your parent, even your guidance counselor may be able to assist.

We can help, as well. Contact our Professional College Planners for assistance with this and other stages of your family’s college planning campaign.

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