Juggling Finances During the College Years…

From a student perspective…

It’s not the amount you have that counts; it’s how you use it.  Now and, perhaps, throughout your lifetime, you’ll be called upon to stretch a dollar or juggle your finances.  Here are a few money-saving tips to consider:

Control your spending.  Prepare a budget, then follow it.

Ditch the car, if you can.  Car payments, upkeep, and insurance will take a huge chunk out of available funds.

Use credit wisely.  Obtain a low-limit card, using it only for planned purchase and/or emergencies.

Buy used books, rent them if it’s an option.  Keep them unmarked and in good condition, then resell them.  If rented, return them.

Pay bills timely.  Late fees are ridiculous.  On-time payments create a good credit history.

Set aside money for fun.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself!

Save 10% of any income.  You have a very long life ahead of you (though it does go faster as you age!).  Build the resources you’ll need for a comfortable, affordable retirement.

Parents – our Professional College Planners are here to assist you with your college planning campaign.  Call or email to schedule an appointment.

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