Many Schools; One Application


A single application accepted by any schools…

Sounds easy, right?

Alas, there is much more to it than plowing through a form online and clicking the “submit” button…

So…here are some tips for using well-known application services…

The Common Application. Accepted by over 600 schools, it is the oldest and most well-know of the application providers.

The Universal College Application. Accepted by nearly 30 schools, it is similar to the Common Application.

Common Black College Application. Accepted by any of the 50 historically black schools, students can apply to as many as desired for a single $35 fee.

The Coalition for Access and Affordability. While it is the newest service, its more than 90 member institutions must: meet affordable tuition requirements; post a 6-year graduation rate of at least 70%; and, provide need-based financial aid.

The tips…

Now that it’s easy to apply to scores a schools, resist the temptation. Avoid fees by sticking to the schools that truly interest you.

Learn the platform and its tools before starting. Doing so may prevent unnecessary irritations later on.

Determine if any of the schools to which you’re applying require essays, recommendations, and/or additional information about you.

Don’t send the same template to every school. Use supplemental essays to highlight why you wish to attend the school, what makes it special to you, and what you think you may be able to contribute.

Don’t automatically submit the application when you’ve completed it. Print it out, review it with others, and be sure there are no omissions or mistakes. Plus, a backup hard copy never hurts.

Don’t panic over technical issues. Schools realize problems occur and typically extend deadlines if they do.

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