Risking Your Family’s Financial Security

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We at College Planning Strategies are 100% pro-college!

Surprised, right?!?

If a college education helps your son or daughter achieve his or her goals, then he or she should earn that college degree. And, you should help foot that bill!

Well, not necessarily…

If footing that bill will place your retirement in jeopardy, you should probably rethink your plan.

Being able to pay for, or assist in paying for, your child’s education is not a requirement found in the “Good Parenting” manual; rather, it’s a luxury.

There is no point in saving (or paying) for a college education if doing so forces you further into debt or may result in a precarious financial future. Your priority should be covering basic expenses, reducing your debt load, and saving for retirement.

How you address those priorities can make a world of difference…

We know that you have no desire for your child to face crippling debt right out of school or, really, at any time during his or her lifetime. And we don’t want your child to face the unexpected – funding their own lifestyle.

Proper planning can reduce, even quickly eliminate, the debt incurred, while improving your financial security and setting your child up for financial freedom.

Contact us for assistance in developing and implementing a properly designed college planning campaign.

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