School Loans and Your Love Life

Can school loans, both student and parent, affect your love life?


According to an article by Shawn M. Carter found on the CNBC website, based on a Student Loan Hero survey of more than 1,000 Americans with school debt:

32% stated that stress caused by debt has decreased their sex drive.   In fact, for some, that stress has led to arguments over finances, topic avoidance altogether, or both;

43% stated they “somewhat often” argue with their partners over money;

36% indicated they have lied about money;

24% have kept school loans a secret;

46% have delayed starting a family due to their school debt load; and,

35% have delayed discussions of marriage.

According to another survey (joint research by Discover and Match Media Group) of more than 2,000 online daters:

58% found good credit in a partner more attractive than driving a nice car;

50% believe good credit is more important than an impressive job title; and,

40% favor good credit over physical fitness.

Accordingly, “All of this points to a desire to see a strong financial foundation – and how having a plan for the future can be more important to potential partners than not having debt today.”


If you’re now in, or currently contemplating, a relationship, be forthcoming about your debt.

You’re in good company, as more than 44 million Americans hold around $1.4 trillion in school debt.

What should be your course of action?

The reality is this:

  • Whether you’re parents with college-bound 7th-12th graders with the prospect of future school loans, both student and parent;
  • Whether your currently in the midst of amassing school loan debt, as a student or a parent; or,
  • Whether you’re in the post-graduate phase wondering how in the world you’ll pay off the debt;

You need to implement and follow a plan.

The good news?!?

We have a no-cost program that, if followed, typically can get an individual or family out of debt in 9 years or less, including mortgages and student loans, without them spending any more than is currently being spent and with negligible effect on current lifestyle. Moreover, the program also can provide a structure for preparing for and paying off projected school loans.


Contact our Professional College Planners for more information.

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