Senior Citizens, School Debt, and Retirement

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More seniors than ever before enter retirement with school debt.

The cost of an education can last a lifetime.

More than 2.8 million Americans over age 60 service some amount of school debt. In 2018, in just fourteen years, school debt held by Americans over age 50 increased from $36 billion to more than $260 billion (Federal Reserve statistic).

Much of this school debt is not debt incurred for their own education. Rather, it has been incurred on behalf of their child or grandchild.

School loan debt is the only debt in the country that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not an option.

What can be done?

We have a program that, when properly designed, can get the typical American or American family completely out of debt, including school loans and mortgages, in nine years or less.

There’s a good chance we can help you and/or your family too. We’re just waiting to hear from you.

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