Should You Engage the Services of a Professional College Planner?

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Students and their families have a huge decision to make when it comes to their college planning campaign.

Most college-bound students, while highly qualified, aren’t number one in their class, aren’t top athletes, and aren’t considered financially needy. In short, they’re from the average family.

The average family faces an increasingly complex undergraduate admissions process, often increasingly confusing technological issues, and swiftly rising costs-of-attendance. Moreover, they have less and less time to devote to their college planning campaign.

According to Mary Chao in her December 29, 2017 article, professional college planners “… help streamline the process of college admissions, acting as a coach through the process while helping with interviews, essays and seeking out colleges with the right fit that will offer financial incentives, or aiding a student in getting into a highly selective college.”

More and more families find engaging the services of a professional college planner a worthwhile investment of both time and resources, helping families save money in the long run while directing students toward “right fit” schools.

Without doubt, investment in a college education is one of the largest expenses a family will face. If there are two or more children, the investment likely will exceed the expense of a mortgage.

Professional college planners offer impartial advice regarding the admissions process, while helping find the right schools for the student. However, they will not offer written or verbal guarantees of admission, financial aid, or scholarships.

Nevertheless, engaging the services of a professional college planner may be the best decision a family can make regarding their college planning campaign.

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