Teen Brains Unable to Handle Career and College Decisions…

Have you seen this image?

These are neuro images of the human brain from ages 5, 10, 15, and 20.

What’s most interesting is the teen brain (2nd from the right).

While it shows a good percentage of deep blue/purple matter (a mature brain), there are still chunks of less mature matter (yellow).

What does this tell us?

It helps explain a MASSIVE challenge to the college process nearly every family has.

Which is…

We’re asking teenage kids “what do you want to do with the rest of your life?” (which is essentially what we do when we ask them what they want to major in and what type of career path they want to purse).

That’s a tough question…at any age.

Let alone, a teenager who’s working with half a brain. (Haha – I’ll be here all week!)

That’s why the student services we offer are so valuable to families.

If kids don’t have any direction on their career path going into college, the chances of them graduating in 4 years of less goes down.  Which also means the cost of college goes up.  Ugh.

Let us help your sin or daughter identify the avenue(s) of study to pursue, while helping you reduce the costs you might face.  Contact our Professional College Planners today.

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