The Top 3 Financial Aid Mistakes…

Whether you’re the parent of a soon-to-be-graduating college-bound high school senior, a recent new born, or a somewhere-in-the-middle son or daughter, you may have experienced some sleepless nights…

When you stop to consider the expenses you have faced, may be facing, or will face at some future time, one (okay, maybe two) question will keep you burning the midnight oil…

How in the world are you going to pay for college??? How can you possibly afford such an outrageous expense???

In my experience, like just about every parent out there, you want the best for your children – I wish I could say all parents, but that’s just not the case. A college education likely sits at the top of that list.

And, in my experience, being smart about the financial decisions surrounding that education is where many, many, many parents fail. It’s probably where you’ll fail too.

There are a variety of pitfalls you and your college-bound children will face. Here are a few:

Mistake #1

Not knowing the true cost-of-attendance of the schools being considered.

Mistake #2

Not knowing your family’s financial aid eligibility.

Mistake #3

Overestimating your ability to pay off debt which, in turn, will affect your ability to retire or live comfortably in post-retirement life.

Developing and following a properly designed college planning campaign can and will save you money, help reduce and/or eliminate school debt, and safeguard and/or improve your retirement plans.

Avoid these very costly mistakes!

Contact our Professional College Planners to schedule the first appointment in your family’s college planning campaign.

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