Tips for Successful College Interviews


According to CollegeData, while an interview likely won’t get you admitted, it certainly can reinforce why you should or shouldn’t be…

As your scheduled interview nears, prepare by reviewing the following:

  1. Research the School. Be ready to explain why you are applying and what you like about the school.
  2. Prepare Ahead of Time. Print out directions to the interview site, review your application for admittance, write down all questions you may have, don’t have anyone tagalong, and don’t arrive hungry.
  3. Present Yourself Well. Wear neat, conservative attire. Arrive early, smile, be polite. Shake hands and speak naturally, without slang or cuss words.
  4. Bring a Resume or List of Activities. This may spark some questions, allowing you to showcase talents and achievements.
  5. Demonstrate Enthusiasm and Energy. The interview is designed for you to show why you want to attend the specific school. Be sure to respond with enthusiasm.
  6. Anticipate Common Questions. You may be asked to describe yourself and explain what you will be able to contribute to the school. Be specific, using vivid examples to showcase your unique talents.
  7. Speak for a Minute or Two Following Each Question. If an answer doesn’t come easily, request for an explanation of the question. Answer decisively and positively.
  8. Be Sure to Ask Your Own Questions. Interviewers expect questions, as it demonstrates your interest in the school. Ask questions that demonstrate you’ve researched the school (e.g., ask about the academic program that interests you).
  9. Don’t Mention Test Scores or GPA. That information they already know. They want to know the person behind the stats.
  10. Follow Up. Obtain the name and contact info of the interviewer. Send a short thank you note, preferably by mail.

Interviewers often are surprised by how ill-prepared many students are for the interview.

Don’t be one of them…

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