To Which School Should You Apply?

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You’ve done your research…

You’ve gathered all the information you believe you’ll need…

You’re ready, willing, and able to make an informed, reasonable, and heartfelt decision, picking the right school for you…

Hold your horses, youngster!

Are you truly ready? Have you reviewed the list of potential schools from the following angles?

Will it be an informed decision?

Do you have ALL of the facts? Are you missing any information? Fill in your gaps, finding the needed information online, from publications, or from a phone conversation with a representative of the school.

Will it be a reasonable decision?

Have you actually considered your chances of acceptance at the schools in which you are most interested? While you may be confident about being admitted, do you know if you meet the admission criteria? More importantly, do you know if you’ll be able to afford those schools?

Will it be a heartfelt decision?

Are you basing your choice strictly on measurable data? Or, are you following your intuition and instincts, as well? Follow your gut! Be sure you feel good about the campus and the people there. Be sure the school is challenging and fits your personality.

Will it be the right decision?

Are you sure you’ll be happy attending any school that made your final cut? Be sure to pick 2-3 “dream” schools, provided you have a real chance of being admitted. Pick 2-3 schools that aren’t as selective as the “dream” schools, but meet much of your selection criteria. And, pick 2-3 “safe” schools, schools you know you’ll like and that will admit you.

If you carefully consider each school that made your list of final possibilities, be assured that, regardless how things transpire, you will be attending the right school for you.

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