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We Know Your Time is Valuable!

We know how much you’d like to attend one of the workshops we schedule around the area, we know how much you’d like to attend such an informative workshop, and we know being able to arrange time in your busy schedule to attend is practically impossible.

So, we’ve done the next best thing and brought our workshop to you!

Grab a coffee, soda, or your favorite beverage, find a comfy spot, click on the link below whenever you can and spend just over 20 minutes learning about the financial aid process.

When you’ve finished and find yourself emerging from your state of paralyzing fear, reach out by phone, email, or our contact form and we’ll schedule you right away for the first meeting in your college planning campaign.



Parents of College-Bound 1st – 12th Graders

You’re about to discover what “confused and worried” parents need to know and understand about the college funding dilemma.

But, first…

If your gross family income is $70,000 or less, you probably shouldn’t waste your time by reading further (or downloading the e-book) – you likely will be eligible for most financial aid available.

Just be sure to choose schools that have the budget to give your family everything for which it qualifies.

On second thought, maybe you should download the e-book.

If your gross family income is $70,000 or more, it’s time to begin.  You will need all the help you can get!


No Such Thing as Too Much Information

The bottom line is that your family’s college planning must be a campaign – not a skirmish, not a battle, not a 4-hour window of intent on some random Tuesday evening.

Additional information must be acquired, reviewed, and assimilated into your campaign…

That information can be found in your email inbox every month, covering subjects such as:

  • The Five Best Reasons for Starting EARLY with College Preparation…
  • Understanding and Overcoming Myths about College Funding…
  • Financial & Asset Management: Will it Help or Hurt Your College Student?
  • How to Link College Studies to Actual Jobs after Graduation…
  • Comparison Shopping: A Look at Real College Costs v. Sticker Price…
  • Top Parenting Tips that Will Help with Admissions, Funding, and Academic Success…

…and many, many more.

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