Visit a School without Actually Visiting


Visiting a school before applying is ALWAYS a good idea!

But, what if you lack the time and/or the money to visit?

What are your options?

Visit School Websites

From school-sponsored links, to YouTube videos, to specific campus photos, to cafeteria menus, the Internet provides a volume of information bringing schools to life.

Virtual Tours

Many schools offer virtual campus tours via their website or via specific smartphone apps. These provide a campus guide, great visuals, and perhaps valuable admissions information.

Student Newspapers

Many schools have one or more newspapers written by students, editions of which often can be found on the school’s website. They spotlight areas of importance to the student population, how they have fun, and a plethora of informal activities.

Speak with a School Representative

Contact admissions reps of the schools in which you have interest. They can answer your questions and help determine fit with their school.

Attend College Fairs

Schools send reps to college fairs to meet students and parents and introduce their schools. With a prepared list of questions, much can be discovered in a short period of time.

College Mailings

Sign up for a school’s mailing list via the admissions section of its website. Welcome the advertising you receive, as each item may contain a nugget of information you‘ll find valuable as you continue to identify schools of interest.

Arrange for Local Interviews

Contact the school’s admission office to determine if a local alumnus, current student home on break, or even a local representative of the school may be available for an interview.

Don’t Place Undue Importance on Classmate Comments

Friends have no idea what will make a school the right fit for you. And, most likely, they have not experienced what it’s like to attend any school. The right fit is for you to discover. Do your research.

Contact our Professional College Planners for assistance with your family’s college planning campaign.


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