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As we guide our clients through the maze of college planning decisions facing them each day, we offer:

  • Long-range planning services for families with students in 1st– 9th grade, and
  • Late-stage planning services for families with students (e.g., sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who are attending college in the near future – these are families in “crisis-planning mode.”

Our main emphasis is on families with college-bound children. The earlier a family engages our services, the greater the options available.

A Professional College Planner can:

  • Help families find the best schools for their students based on interests and budget.  Settling for a less expensive school may, in some cases, end up costing you MORE!
  • Help families get the largest financial aid package available to them.  Owning a home, or having a high income, doesn’t necessarily disqualify your child from being eligible for aid!
  • Get families through the college and financial aid application process.  At least 70% of financial aid forms are submitted with errors that could result in thousands in lost aid!).
  • Provide families with a college planning checklist and timeline for completion of necessary steps.  Know what needs to be done, and when, to qualify for the most financial aid.
  • Show you how to pay for any out-of-pocket portion of your child’s college costs in the most efficient and tax-favored manner possible.  We can show parents who don’t qualify for aid, or who have a high expected family contribution, how to cover theses expenses without sacrificing their retirement plans.

If you’re searching for assistance with your family’s college planning campaign, please contact us to schedule your no-obligation appointment.

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