What do We Stand for?

Knowing what we stand for as college planning advisors is truly very important.  Likewise, knowing what we stand against is just as important.

Stand For:

  • guarantees in savings and investments;
  • challenging 529 status quo and excessive college debt;
  • planning ahead; personal responsibility; and,
  • valuing the best education money can buy.

Stand Against:

  • unnecessary financial risk;
  • blaming others for one’s financial well-being;
  • winging it (not having a plan);
  • Wall Street greed; and,
  • overpaying and/or attending a lesser school.

We hate seeing good families take unnecessary financial risks, go into excessive college debt, and have their kids miss out on a dream school because of financial reasons.

If you find comfort in what we stand for and against, it’s never too late to start planning.  Contact College Planning Strategies to schedule a free evaluation.

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