What is the Real Problem We Solve for Families?

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This picture cracks me up.

Obviously it’s a joke. But it’s also making a point…

College debt is a problem. A $1.3 trillion dollar problem at last count.

I point this fact out because it’s the #1 problem we solve with our financial solutions.

Parents headed down the PLUS loans path automatically are overpaying for college and, potentially, much worse.

They could be falling for the dreaded College Loan Trap.

From the US News & World Report…

But parents need to think about borrowing decision like this through to graduation and beyond, before signing off on that first loan. A $20,000 loan for freshman year may sound manageable, but multiply that by the number of years you expect your student to be in school and the number of college bound children in the household and suddenly you owe $160,000 in Parent Direct PLUS loans, assuming you only have two children. 

That works out to about a $1,800 monthly payment under a standard 10-year plan.


Most of the families we see can barely add an extra $500 to their monthly budget (without changing their lifestyle) let alone $1,800.

We know this problem exists…

Most parents don’t.

PLUS loans are such a bad deal: 4.2% origination fees; 7% interest rates; not tax-deductible; and, potentially cash-flow crushing payments.

Who in their right mind would CHOOSE this route?!?

Yet that’s where so many families are headed.

I mean, they flat out tell us this is their plan in the free evaluations

So we help families avoid the College PLUS loan trap and then guide them to a better financial solution which we help them implement.

Perhaps we can help yours…

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