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Professional College Planners

What is professional college planning?

Unless you’ve spent time living in California or up in the Northeast (basically anywhere but “flyover country”), the idea of a “professional college planner” likely sounds foreign and unnecessary. You probably think that it’s some city slicker who just wants to separate you from your hard-earned money. Although there are college planning scams to avoid, here’s a quick working definition for you–

 Professional college planning is about ensuring your child gets into the school that’s best for them academically, geographically, socially, culturally, professionally, and financially.

Professional college planners challenge and encourage students and their parents to think differently, to think unconventionally, and to look beyond “name-brand” recognition.  As a third party to the equation, they can convey the “big picture,” helping the student understand college is much, much more than good grades, good times, and a diploma.

Partnering with a professional college advisor is perhaps the easiest, most efficient means of streamlining your college planning campaign. Rather than fending for yourself, a planner will help you compile a list of “best-fit” schools based on academics, geography, culture, professional aspirations, and cost.