Why Senior Year Grades Truly Matter…


As incoming seniors contemplate and prepare for their final year of high school, they may be tempted to coast, crossing the finish line without a worry in the world.

If they’re college-bound, you may want to “ride herd” as their academic performance during senior year can negatively impact offers of financial aid.

Leadership experience, an improved GPA, increase in standardized test results can all positively impact financial aid.

Likewise, performing poorly can lead to drastic consequences, as a school has every right to reduce its financial aid award if academic performance suffers.

Doing well can make a difference!

In fact, students may be able to increase offers of aid by sharing their senior year accomplishments

While need-based aid is somewhat “set in stone,” merit-based aid may be reviewable. Not all schools offer merit-based aid; but, of those that do, private school typically have greater flexibility to adjust financial aid awards.

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