Your Retirement or Your Child’s Education?

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The dream school for your child or an affordable, comfortable retirement for you?

Emotion wins out.

You won’t be the one spoiling a dream!

Your child heads off to school, chasing the dream of a college education and you’re left contemplating your retirement into the greeter’s position at a local retail establishment…

Financial planners these days warn parents to resist the urge to help their children because the parents are heading at record speed into a financial crisis.

Approaching their 60’s and an expected, impending retirement, they face crippling school debt. The school debt they face is not their school debt. Rather, it’s the debt they never expected, the debt they assumed when cosigning loans their children are unable to repay.

Combined with mortgages, car payments, credit cards, and medical bills, the addition of school debt can, and often does, delay saving for retirement for ten years or more. A looming financial disaster…

Address the issues of school funding, debt repayment, and retirement savings with a properly designed and implemented college planning campaign. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation evaluation.

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